Our Vision

Concept of Shared vision and collaborative economy in Pakistan to pace with

the globalization by transforming the abstract of culture, tradition, heritage

and history into a conceivable form and share within the global village.

Our Goals And Objectives

To make people earn while hosting and save while travelling.

Optimal utilization of underutilized resources.

To save time and make a best accommodation matchmaking for the travelers.

To make travelers feel at home away from home.

To give pace to the tourism in Pakistan by introducing new business models and platforms.

To celebrate differences and sharing.

To address the issue of lack of accommodation at tourist spots in Pakistan.

To increase the influx of tourists in Pakistan.

To increase the income and to boost the economics activities via this unique tourism facilitation.

To preserve and restore the history and cultural heritage by bringing it to the world in its original form.

To bring a positive change in the targeted services sector of Pakistan.